A Sampling of Tweets


Below is one of the first tweets about the reissue. A student at Lowell High– Jack Kerouac’s old high school. Note the Massachusetts usage of “wicked,” as in “wicked smaht.”  It’s perfect. If Courtney Carnevale ever finds her way to this page and posts a comment below, she gets a free copy  of the book.

Courtney Carnevale-XCourtney333


4 Responses

  1. Kevin K

    so did you ever read the book?!?

    • Courtney Carnevale

      Me? Of course I did! I was on the edge of buying one for $300 so I absolutely had to have it once I could actually afford it. I loved it, too!

      • Kevin K

        Well I did promise that if you ever found your way to this page, I’d send you a copy of the book. It’s a ‘message in a bottle’ kind of prize : – )

        Assuming you bought one of the recent reissues, how about I mail you a vintage 60s paperback? Just DM me a mailing address at kevin@chocolatesforbreakfast.info . I’m out of the country right now but can get it in the mail to you in a couple weeks.

  2. Courtney Carnevale

    Holy wow I just found this page while googling myself.