Two songs that were inspired by this novel:

Champagne for Breakfast Champagne for Breakfast

Stories, plays, music, and other writing by Max Sparber.

The story of a young girl’s misadventures and sexual awakening in Hollywood and Manhattan. Of course, the song I have written is a country song, and, therefore, details loneliness and regret and other depressing themes that country music handles so well. Drawing inspiration from an obscure 50s novel about cosmopolitan youth might be a little odd when you’re writing a country song, but Ms. Moore was no stranger to the dark moods that inhabit the genre.

Chocolates for Breakfast Chocolates for Breakfast

the marble tea
Songs & Stuff by Knight Berman Jr.

Its story of upper-class teen-aged decadence in a world of martinis, long white gloves and Stan Kenton records – set, most notably, in Manhattan (but in Hollywood as well) – intrigued me from the get-go ’cause I’m a sucker for that whole nicely-dressed and overly-educated but still slightly ill-mannered mid-morning cocktail in an Upper East Side apartment liberal/bourgeois explosion kind of scene. The style and constraints – and the breaking thereof – create, for me anyway, a really interesting story landscape.

  1. Gardog

    Inlove the champagne song! I had no idea there was contemporary music based in this book….